Chemical Peels

Jessner’s chemical peels are a popular treatment option at to refresh the face with minimal recovery. ThorntonMD offers this peel for patients who complain of acne, acne scarring, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, melasma, wrinkles, sun-damaged skin, or for those who want to achieve a more beautiful, glowing complexion.

The Jessner’s chemical peel is a relatively fast and simple treatment that patients can enjoy over a lunch break or at any time during the day. The patient’s face is prepared by being thoroughly cleansed. A solution that combines acetone and alcohol is then applied to the face. Some minor stinging may occur at this point, but this is essential in removing oils from the face that may impede the chemical peel from being as effective and getting as deep as is necessary to provide the expected results.

Next, the chemical peel is applied. Typically, three coats of the chemical peel for the ultimate results. There may be some minor stinging as the chemicals are applied to the skin, but this only lasts a few minutes. Patients are encouraged to use our hand-held fan to cool their face and relieve any discomfort they may feel throughout the treatment. The stinging is temporary, and is a sign that the chemical peel is working.

After the three coats of chemicals are applied, a light moisturizer is applied on the face, as well as a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 and UVA protection. The patient is then able to go about their day and will notice over the next week several changes to their skin.

During the first few days, patients will notice that their skin may be extremely dry, and begin to peel. They are encouraged to continue applying their moisturizer and sunscreen to let the natural process of the peel take place. In approximately one week, fresh, rejuvenated skin will appear and patients will be able to enjoy the benefits of a fresh face!

Patients who are interested in chemical peels, such as the Jessner’s, are encouraged to contact ThorntonMD to schedule a consultation appointment and determine their candidacy for this treatment.